Love & Learn

Love & Learn

Love and Learn - Catherine Alba

What can a successful NYT bestselling author learn from a broke stripper half his age? How about everything!

Henry Brown is just about to set out on a two-month book tour around the world and needs to unwind before he gets on the plane. And Henry is a principled man. He doesn’t pay for sex. Heck, he can barely remember the last time he had sex, but he would never even consider hiring a hooker.

Getting a beautiful woman to dance naked, just for him, though? Yeah, why not. What’s the point of having all that money if you’re not going to spend it on things that give you pleasure?

Lizzie is struggling to get by on her own in the big city, even resorting to taking her clothes off in front of strangers to make rent. A series of events puts her on the street, with barely any money and no place to go. She desperately needs to find a new apartment, but how is that going to happen without any money for a deposit? And how is she supposed to get hired for a job with a decent wage, when she is tired, hungry, and looks like a mess? She just needs a safe place to sleep for a couple of nights to get back on her feet.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and being pushed to the edge can make people do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. A simple business transaction leads to life-altering decisions for both Henry and Lizzie, and their choices have consequences for all the people in their lives.

A heart-wrenching story of love and loneliness, family bonds through blood or choice, parenthood and sibling relationships, and small actions with huge consequences.